About Nutty Scientists

The innovative Nutty Scientists® teaching techniques and curriculum is an effective way to get kids excited about science, fostering the minds of today’s children through hands-on activities and interactive activities

We’ve been a world leader in interactive children’s programs since 1996.

Nutty Scientists® is the leading provider of interactive programmes for children related to science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) learning. Since 1996 we have developed appropriate activities for children that promote their interest in science and its impact on the world today.

We also offer hands-on activities showcasing environmental and health issues in a different, entertaining and leisurely way. In fact, we’ve partnered with some of the largest corporations in the world to spread messages of conservation to children everywhere.

Over 9 million children from all over the world, have participated in one of our programmes.

At A Glance:

  • We are the global leader in Science Enrichment Programmes with offices in more than 40 countries!
  • We teach science using entertainment and other innovative methodologies for children to retain valuable, educational information.
  • We encourage participation by children.
  • We stimulate critical thinking as a way to learn and discover.
  • We promote good health and environmental awareness.
  • We encourage experimentation as a learning tool.
  • We leverage the scientific process as a way to learn and discover.
  • We foster a love of science while developing children’s creativity, problem solving skills and self-esteem.